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State / Province / Area

Brasil (852)

United States of America (68)

China (67)

India (61)

Germany (57)

United Kingdom (45)

Italy (29)

Spain (22)

Turkey (11)

Switzerland (9)

France (8)

Argentina (7)



- Mineral high volatile coal;
- Mineral medium volatile coal;
- Mineral coal low sulphur;
- Cardiff coal; (coal dust)
- Siderurgic coke, Metallurgic coke and foundry coke;
- High furnace scrap;
- Concentrated Pirita;
- carbon rise

Address: Rua: Santo Antônio 141, Ed. Central, sala 605/606 - Criciúma
Country: Brasil

Coex Import & Export Ltda

Our expertise is in the importation of technology, products and machines as well as in the export for internationalization of companies that want to access international merchandise.

Advice to companies that want to enter the Brazilian market Aluminum, iron and steel.

Address: rua: capitao julio alfredo montes,42 - Sao Paulo
Country: Brasil


DITTA MUSTO is the brand name of the Italian leading supplier of fabricated steel crucibles for magnesium and non ferrous alloys and equipment related to these items.

As a leader in these fields , our production has a great reputation for their quality and costs. The Company was founded in 1965 by the father of one of the two owners, but during the last 10 years Ditta Musto has improved the manufacturing processes in order to raise the bar on quality and lifetime. Ditta Musto tries to apply all new technologies in production and supports customers with all information about new materials. Ditta Musto works to support the customers in all their needs and collaborates with them to reach a leading competitive position.

For more information, please visit

Address: VIA MOLISE 26/28 - BOLOGNA
Country: Italy

Elkem Foundry

Elkem Foundry possui uma ampla linha de ligas nodularizantes e inoculantes para uso na produção de ferro fundido cinzento, nodular e CGI.

Estes produtos disponíveis para pronta entrega no Brasil possuem uma qualidade consistente, podem gerar reduções no consumo por tonelada tratada, reduzir o índice de refugos, melhorar a usinabilidade e aumentar assim a produtividade das fundições.

Foundry é uma das unidades de negócio que compõe o grupo Elkem, empresa com mais de 100 anos de história com sede em Oslo, Noruega. Nossas unidades industrias localizadas no Canada, Islândia, Noruega e Paraguai (start up em 03/2018) estão prontas para atender as demandas de nosso clientes no Brasil e toda a América do Sul.


São Paulo - Sul Metal Mais Rua Francisco A Guimarães, n. 254 - Jardim Olga Veroni CEP: 13.487-158. Limeira, SP Julio Pezzotto. E-mail Fones: 19 3451-0605 19 98147-0442

Minas Gerais - Mercoligas Mirtes Resende Representante Comercial Celular: (31) 9 9984 - 2894 Fixo: (31) 3428 - 3863. Email:

Rio Grande do Sul / Sul de SC - Bentopack Rua Marques do Herval, 894 Centro – São Leopoldo/ RS Cep. 93010-200. E-mail: / 
Fone/Fax: (51) 3035.1005/30591394/3035.6029.

Address: Rua Alvares Cabral, 433 - Serraria - Diadema
Country: Brasil


EUROMAC has been operating in the foundry sector for more than 50 years, being the first company of the group, founded in 1964. It’s located in northern Italy, near Venice. Manufactures molding lines, lines and equipment for the production of cores; transport systems, treatment and metal pouring.

The EUROMAC office represents the true heart of the company, where all the activity is carried out internally by the team members, in synergy with the technicians of the client, to identify and develop the solutions that best meet the needs of each production, being equipped with instrumentation and technologies state-of-the-art for three-dimensional project and modeling, with the structural dimensioning support of each individual component and the respective structural calculation FEM, post-control certificate of its engineers.

All that is translated in vanguard in terms of reliability and guarantee of compliance with the norms of work safety. EUROMAC is located in the South American market by its subsidiary in Brazil: Euromac Latin America, located in the city of Guaramirim (SC), where all the equipment of its production line is manufactured and the services of the company are offered all your services, technical support and spare parts to your customers.

The attention to detail and the special needs of the customers, distinguishes a EUROMAC in its corporate policy. Giving answers to our customers' various questions is our diary commitment. Euromac: A story that continues and that has transformed over the years into a Success Story!

• Automatic and mechanized molding installations with cap. up to 180 molds per hour
• Hydraulic molding machines with multiple micro pistons head
• Semi-automatic molding system EQUIPMENT FOR CORE ROOM
• Core shooter with cap. blow from 5 to 400 Liters, for processes: Cold Box, Hot Box, Shell Molding, Croning, Inorganic and Silicate
• Shell Mold Blower
• Installations for the preparation of sand for core room • Batch and continuous mixers, weighing system and sand heating, preheating tanks and dosing of resins and catalysts
• Gasification devices for processes: Cold-Box, CO2, SO2 and Beta-Set

• Treatment stations for nodularization of cast iron: - With tubular wire - Installations of addition, weighing, dosage and automated preparation of Ferro Alloys
• Metal transport and transfer equipment
• Load preparation and furnace feeding plants with Induction and Cupola
• Equipment for metal pouring
• Equipment for removal of slag from induction furnaces SAND MOLDING PLANT RESIN (COLD CURE)
• Resin sand molding systems for processes: furan, phenolic, urethane or alkyd • Fast Loop Molding Lines

Address: Rodovia SC 108 Km 19.7 - s/nº - Guaramirim
Country: Brasil

Febratec Ltda

We produce steel shot and steel grit , steel foundry and shot blast machine. TECJATO

Address: estrada geral porto grande , 111 - Araquari
Country: Brasil

FOSECO Industrial e Comercial Ltda.

Foseco é a divisão fundição da Vesúvius, líder mundial em produtos e soluções, que visam melhorar o desempenho das fundições.

Fornecedora de insumos para fundição de aço, ferro e não ferrosos como:

-Sistema de resinas com catalizador líquido; resinas catalizadas com gás; silicato de sódio; colas; selantes desmoldantes.

-Tintas para machos e moldes em areia; tintas específicas; equipamentos para preparação de tintas.

-Sistemas de filtragens e alimentação; filtros de óxido de zircônio; filtro de espuma cerâmica; luvas isolantes e isotérmicas; 

- Materiais refratários: revestimento de panelas de aço, ferro e não metálicos; concretos refratários; tampão; válvulas; peças pré-moldadas.

- Sistemas de controle metalúrgico e vazamentoCoagulantes/aglomerantes de escória; inoculantes; ligas nodularizantes; fluxos; etc

Address: Rodovia Raposo Tavares, Km 15 - São Paulo
Country: Brasil

Foundry Gate

Foundry Gate is a Company with focus on the Metallurgical Supply Chain, in special the Foundry one.

Our aim is to make easier the job of all players of the Metallurgical and Mechanical field.

Among other activities we do the Metallurgy/Mechanical field´s Marketing (B2B). In our site you can find Foundries from over the World, Suppliers, Technical Papers, Job Opportunities and much more.

Address: Paraiba, 415 - Joinville
Country: Brasil

Investment Casting Supplies

Investment Casting Supplies Limited is your go to solution for supply of Investment Casting Consumables, Products, Materials, Equipment, Software and Engineering Services.

Investment Casting Supplies is based in the UK but have customers and a distribution network across the world, our products, materials, equipment and software solutions are used by several high profile investment casting facilities, we deliver outstanding value, world class after sales support and cutting edge products and materials.

Address: Unit 3, Station Terrace, Station Road - Kegworth, Derby
Country: United Kingdom

Körper Equipamentos Industriais Ltda

Korper, a 100% Brazilian company, founded in 1986, is located in the Fazgran condominium, in the city of Jundiaí.

With a technical team of product and application engineering, it has stood out for many years in the foundry market with its equipment for various applications.

Over the years, it has been developing products that best fit the needs of customers, having today the most modern equipment on the market.

We manufacture:
- Closed circuit coolers, for induction furnaces with stainless steel 304 coil;
- Cooling Towers for sand coolers, Hydraulic units and others;
- Chillers for low temperature water needs;
- Dry Coolers for places where there is water shortage;
- Pumping systems for any water cooling application;
- Electrical panels suitable for Industry 4.0 focusing on greater water and energy savings.

Address: Rua José Capretz - Jundiaí
Country: Brasil


A Kuttner é uma empresa do Grupo Küttner GmbH & Co. KG com sede na cidade de Essen na Alemanha.

Histórico do Grupo Kuttner

No Brasil, desde 1974, com escritórios e fábrica na cidade de Contagem – MG, a Kuttner do Brasil se consolidou como importante fornecedor para a indústria de fundição no Brasil e América do Sul, desenvolvendo soluções em engenharia e equipamentos com a mais alta tecnologia.

Principais fornecimentos da Kuttner:

- Preparação e recuperação de areia verde

- Preparação e carregamento de fornos

- Central de fusão com Forno Cubilô

- Despoeiramento e limpeza de gases

- Engenharia e gerenciamento de implantação completa de fundições

Em 2017 a Kuttner do Brasil adquiriu a IMF do Brasil, criando a KNBS - Kuttner no bake solutions focada em soluções para as fundições com moldagem em areia / resina.

Principais fornecimentos da Kuttner No Bake Solutions:

 - Misturadores contínuos

- Sistemas completos de moldagem, vazamento e resfriamento de moldes

- Sistemas de desmoldagem

- Recuperação térmica e mecânica de areia

- Máquinas Granalhadoras

- Engenharia e gerenciamento de implantação completa de fundições


Kuttner do Brasil

Rua Santiago Ballesteros,610 - Cinco

32010-050 - Contagem / MG

Fone:  +55-31-33997200




Kuttner no-bake solutions

Rua Abelardo Benedicto Libório, 951

13413-075 – Piracicaba / SP

Fone: +55-19-3302 4770



Address: Rua Santiago Ballesteros 610 - Contagem
Country: Brasil

Messe Brasil Feiras e Promoções Ltda.

We are a company with focus on the Fairs and Events field.

Address: Rua Araranguá, 77 - Térreo - Joinville
Country: Brasil

SiCBRAS – Carbeto de Silício do Brasil LTDA.

Silicon Carbide

Grupo Granha Ligas. A SiCBRAS - CARBETO DE SILÍCIO DO BRASIL LTDA está instalada no município de Simões Filho-Bahia, desde 2005, produzindo Carbeto de Silício.

É uma empresa 100% brasileira e faz parte do grupo Granha Ligas.
Com capacidade instalada de 15.000 t/ano, a SiCBRAS oferta no mercado mundial grãos de SiC cristalizados de alta pureza de diversas granulometrias e grãos metalúrgicos.

A SiCBRAS é uma empresa certificada pela norma da ISO 9001/2015, e seu lema é atender as especificações dos clientes em todos os seus quesitos.

Nossos produtos são:
- SiC Cristal: Grãos para aplicações em materiais refratários cerâmicos e abrasivos. Atendemos integralmente as expectativas de cada cliente.
- SiC Metalúrgico: Atendemos ao mercado siderúrgico tanto ao nacional como internacional, desde produtos convencionais a produtos com requisitos especiais.
- SiC Briquete: Produzimos briquetes com formato “ovo” e resistência mecânica compatível com suas aplicações e especificações químicas acordadas com o cliente.

Address: Av. Periférica Waldir Beira, nº 4.499 - Simões Filho
Country: Brasil


Sinto Brasil's goal is to provide complete customer service in foundry machines, blasting machines, automatic deburring machines, pollution control, steel shot and special abrasives, spare parts, special castings and specialized technical assistance.

Address: Rua Costa Barros, 3021 - São Paulo
Country: Brasil

SYNCHRO ERP - Production Control Software

SYNCHRO ERP - Sistema 100% integrado, flexível e robusto para controle de fundições. Sem a complexidade ou rigidez de outros sistemas. SYNCHRO ERP foi concebido entendendo todos os aspectos que fazem sua empresa única. Como resultado SYNCHRO ERP oferece um processo único e personalizado para aumentar a competitividade de sua fundição.

Address: BM Synchro ERP Ltd - London
Country: United Kingdom

TecSand Comércio de Minérios

Empresa fabricante de AREIA COBERTA SHELL, para casca e macharia. Embalados em sacaria valvulada com 25 kg ou em Big Bag's com 1000/kg Fabricante do LICOPÓDIO (ORIGINAL) sc com 25 kg Fabricante de Areia Verde , sc com 25 kg Fabricante de Aditivos para areia verde, sc com 25 kg

Address: Av. Marginal 382- Bandeirantes, Pirapora do Bom Jesus/SP - Pirapora do Bom Jesus
Country: Brasil

Winoa Brasil Indústria e Comércio LTDA

On the market since 1974. World leader in steel abrasives.

Ideal size for your blasting operation.

High quality, directly from the factory in one click.

Access our site!

We supply steel shot, stainless steel, cut wire, garnet, aluminum oxide, glass balls, accessories, variety of parts and epi's for the blasting industry!

Country: Brasil