Newsletter - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the FOUNDRY GATE´s Newsletter.

Will my e-mail be visible to the other subscribers of the newsletter? 
No. Just FOUNDRY GATE will have access to the e-mail address. This information is secret and the e-mail will only be used for send the newsletter or for other reports of interest.  
Does FOUNDRY GATE supply the e-mails registered for other sites or partners?   
No. The registered e-mails are used only and exclusively for send the Newsletter or for the emission of issues related to the site. No external collaborator or site partner has access to the list of subscribers.  
Can I direct the newsletter to my friends?  
Yes, without problems.  
Can I publish the content of Newsletter in my site or in my blog?   
Yes, since you mention FOUNDRY GATE as source of the news or make a link to the site.  
I stopped receiving FOUNDRY GATE Newsletter. What is wrong?   
Your address might have been rejected automatically for the message being "returning" because the e-mail service might have classified the messages of  FOUNDRY GATE as SPAM and so blocked the access. We suggested that you registers other address when you notice that problem or verify the configurations of your e-mail service provider.  
I want to change my register e-mail. What do do? 
In this case, you will have to cancel the register done until then and to accomplish a new registration with the new e-mail. To know how to cancel your registration, see the instruction of the question bellow.  
I don't want to receive the FOUNDRY GATE´s Newsletter anymore. What to do? 
To remove your e-mail addresse from our mailing list, please click at the appropriate place in the end of the Newsletter.
Can I answer any edition of the Newsletter to contact FOUNDRY GATE? 
To contact FOUNDRY GATE, please use our contact page or send your message directly for   
When is the newsletter sent to the subscribers? 
There is no exact date, however we will try to send it every month. 
The Newsletter contains the whole news text? 
No, just and abstract and a links for the content. So, the reader can choose the news he wants to read.