About Us

FOUNDRY GATE is a company with the aim to help the Metallurgical and Mechanical supply chain to increase the business.

We have lot of services to help you in your and your company to be better know among the supply chain and increase your profitability.

Virtual Services:

- Advertise companies, products, services, job market, business opportunities, etc, through our Newsletter and the site. See it clicking here.


We have partners with solution to:

-Methods and times. Increase in productivity, reduce lost of time and raw material, etc;
-Electric Power reduction;.
-Melting and pouring cost reduction;
-Failure and scrap solutions in parts and processes;  
-Technical and production capacity evaluation;
-Quality system audit;
-Technical Audit;
-Labor safety;
-Environmental evaluation an management; 
-Training in Foundry Process and norms;
-Technical translations; 
-Material analysis;
-Etc, etc, etc. 

There are several other services to help you in your hard task without the need of lost of time and money. We will find a solution to your problem.

Consult us by the e-mail: admin@foundrygate.com

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Our Office is located in the city of Joinville, Santa Catarina State, Brazil