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State / Province / Area

Types of Metal

Aluminum Alloys
Copper Alloys
Gray iron
Ductile iron
White Iron
Compacted graphite
Malleable Iron

Brasil (702)

United Kingdom (308)

China (102)

Turkey (101)

United States of America (93)

France (89)

Sweden (88)

India (87)

Spain (72)

Czech Republic (48)

Hungary (33)

Argentina (25)

» A Kay & Sons Ltd. In
» Aberdeen Foundries In
» Aeromet International Plc. In
» Alcoa Lingotes Castings In
» Aldrich Casting Ltd In
» Alexander Pollock Ltd In
» Allied Deals - The World Metal Company In
» Alloy Die & Cast Ltd In
» Alucast (Die Casting) Ltd In
» Alumasc Precision Components Ltd In
» Aluminium Products Ltd In
» Archibald Young Ltd Founders & Engineers In
» Art Bronze Foundry (London) Ltd In
» Ashwater Forge & Foundry In
» Avon PDC In
» B C P Castings In
» Ballantine Boness Iron Co Ltd In
» Ballantine Creative Iron Works In
» Barr Street Castings Ltd In
» Barron-Clark Castings Ltd In
» Barton Aluminium Foundries In
» BAS Castings Ltd In
» BCP Castings In
» Berry's Foundry In
» Birstall Foundry Co. Ltd. - BFC In
» Blackwood Engineering Ltd In
» Bond's Foundry Co Ltd In
» Brafe Engineering Ltd. In
» Brate Engineering Ltd In
» Brentwin Gear Co Ltd In
» Bricast Ltd. In
» Brickhouse In
» Bridge Foundry Ltd In
» British Flyreels In
» Broady Valves Ltd In
» Brooks Forgings Ltd In
» Brownall.Nabic In
» Broxap Ltd In
» Bruhl (UK) Ltd. In
» Bsc (Diecasting) Ltd In
» Bucks Diecasting Co Ltd In
» Burleiighfield Arts Ltd In
» Bush & Wilton Valves Ltd In
» Butles Manufacturing Ltd. In
» C F Fieldsend & Co Ltd In
» Cabbio Foundry Ltd. In
» Caddy Castings Ltd In
» Cannop Foundry (1981) Ltd In
» Cardenden Casting Co Ltd In
» Caress Precision Products Ltd In
» Carlton Die Castings Ltd In
» Carnoustie Castings Ltd In
» Carnrose Ltd. In
» Castech Ltd - UK In
» Castings Plc In
» Cerdic Foundries Ltd In
» Chamberlin & Hill plc In
» Charles W Taylor & Son Ltd In
» Charter Castings Ltd In
» Cippenham Castings Co Ltd In
» Cooper Roller Bearings Co Ltd In
» Corus Process Engineering In
» Coupe Foundry Ltd In
» Cradley Castings Ltd In
» Crayford Castings Ltd In
» Cronite Castings Ltd In
» Cronite Precision Castings Ltd In
» Crosslands Foundry Ltd In
» D M Foundries Ltd In
» D S Turner & Co Ltd In
» Davis & Hill In
» Davison Tyne Metal Ltd. In
» Dawson McDonald & Dawson Ltd In
» Deeley's (Castings) Ltd In
» Derbyshire Castings Ltd In
» Derwent Foundry Ltd. In
» Doncasters - Sterling International Technology Ltd In
» Doncasters FVC In
» Doncasters Paralloy Ltd In
» Drycast Foundries Ltd In
» Drysdale Brothers In
» Drysdale Brothers (Larbert) Ltd In
» DST Aluminium Castings In
» Ductile Castings Ltd In
» Durham Foundry (Sheffield) Ltd In
» Durham Foundry (Sheffield) Ltd In
» Dyn Metal Ltd In
» Dyson Diecastings Ltd In
» East Coast Casting Co Ltd In
» Ecu Castings In
» Ellis A & Sons Ltd In
» Eurac Hradec s.r.o. In
» Fabricast Group Ltd In
» Finecast (Maidenhead) Ltd In
» Finecast (Precision Castings ) Ltd In
» Firth Rixson Castings Ltd In
» Flowline Research Ltd In
» Ford Motor Co Ltd In
» Foundry & Fabrication (Totnes) Ltd In
» FP Castings Ltd In
» Francis W Birkett & Sons Ltd In
» Furniss & White (Foundries) Ltd In
» G Clancey Ltd In
» G T Diecastings Ltd In
» Gabriel & Co. Ltd. In
» Galena (Fire Engineering) Ltd In
» George Taylor & Co (Hamilton) Ltd In
» Gills Pressure Castings Ltd In
» GKN Squeezeform In
» Glen Castings Ltd In
» Glynwed Brickhouse In
» Goodwin Steel Castings Ltd In
» Grainger & Worrall Ltd In
» Grede Foundries UK Ltd In
» H Bingham & Sons Ltd In
» H Goodwin Ltd In
» H I Quality Steel Castings Ltd In
» Hadleigh Castings Ltd In
» Halladays Drop Forgins Ltd In
» Hardy Non Ferrous Metals Ltd In
» Hargreaves Foundry Ltd In
» Harrison Castings Ltd. In
» Hattersley Newman Hender Ltd. In
» Haute Sambre In
» Haworth Castings Ltd. In
» Henley Foundries Ltd In
» Hillsyde Foundry (Staffordshire) Ltd In
» Holders Ltd In
» Honeywell Normalair-Garret Ltd In
» Horwich Castings Ltd In
» Hoyt Alloys (Div of Darchem Engineering Ltd) In
» Hugh Jennings Ltd In
» Hytec Casting Manufacture Ltd In
» Ideal Sand & Die Casting Co Ltd In
» IMI Bailey Birckett Ltd In
» Incamet Ltd In
» Incanite Foundries Ltd In
» Investacast Ltd In
» Investacast Ltd In
» Ipswich Foundry Co In
» Ironbridge Gorge Museum In
» Island Scientific Ltd In
» J H Lavender & Co Ltd In
» J T & E Castings Ltd In
» J V Murcott & Sons Ltda In
» J W Singer & Sons Ltd In
» James Maude & Co Ltd In
» James W Shenton Ltd In
» JBM International Ltd In
» John H Rundle Ltd In
» John Rhodes & Son ( Ironfounders) Ltd In
» John Taylor Bellfounders Ltd In
» Johnstone Castings & Engineering Ltd In
» Jones & Campbell Ltd In
» Kenrich Engineering Ltd In
» Kenwell Precision Diecastings Ltd In
» Kilner & Hutchinson Limited In
» Landmark Components Ltd In
» LCL Castings Ltd In
» Leach & Thompson Ltd In
» Lesney Industries Ltd In
» Lestercast Ltd In
» Loades Albany Ltd In
» Lodge Foundry (Wardle) Ltd In
» Longton Light Alloys Ltd In
» Lost Wax Development Ltd In
» Lothian Electric Machines Ltd In
» Lunts Castings Ltd In
» Lupton & Place Ltd In
» Luton Engineering Pattern Co Ltd In
» M J Allen Group of Companies In
» Machined Components Ltd In
» Majorfax Ltd In
» Manchester Investment Castings Ltd In
» Martin Castings Ltd In
» Maybey Precision Castings Ltd In
» Maycast-Nokes Precision Engineering Ltd In
» MBC Lightalloys In
» McKenna Precision Castings Ltd In
» Meighs Ltd In
» Metaltemple In
» Methods Centreline Ltd In
» Micro Metalsmiths Ltd In
» Micron Alloy Casting Ltd In
» Mouldcast Ltd In
» MRT Castings Ltd. In
» Nautilus Fine Art Foundry Ltd In
» New Pro Foundries Ltd. In
» Norcast Ltd In
» Norman & Underwood Ltd In
» Norse Precision Castings Ltd In
» North East Diecasting Ltd In
» Norton Castings Ltd In
» NSK Blackburn Ltd In
» Ouzledale Foundry Co Ltd In
» P I Castings Ltd In
» Pangolin Editions In
» Patay Foundries Ltd In
» Peel Jones Copper Products Ltd In
» Pegler Ltd In
» Pennine Castings Ltd In
» Pennington Patternmakers Ltd In
» Pickersgill-Kaye Ltd In
» Plasmoulds Ltd In
» Precision Cast Components Ltd In
» Precision Castparts Corp In
» Precision Disk Castings Ltd In
» Presbar Diecastings Ltd In
» Pressurecast Products Ltd In
» Procast Components Ltd In
» Quality Castings (Slough) In
» R D Castings In
» R K B Precision Products Ltd In
» Raistrick Foundry Ltd In
» Rautomead International Ltd In
» Roding River Foundry Ltd In
» Rolls-Royce pic In
» Roston Castings Ltd In
» Russel Ltd In
» Sage Aluminium Products Ltd In
» Samuel Booth & Co Ltd In
» Sandawana Castings Ltd In
» Sandusky Ltd In
» Sandwell Castings Ltd In
» Shakespeare Foundry Ltd In
» Sheardown Engineering Ltd In
» Shipham Castings Ltd In
» Siddons Alloy Castings Ltd In
» Sidney Smith Castings Ltd In
» Sime Foundry Ltd In
» Simmons Patternmakers Ltd In
» Smith & Co (South Shields) In
» Specialised Castings Ltd In
» Stanley A & Sons Ltd In
» Stanton Plc In
» Stone Foundries Ltd In
» Surecast (Devizes) Ltd In
» Swan Foundry (Banbury) Ltd In
» Sweetmore Engineering Holdings Ltd In
» T Masters & Sons (Park Foundry) Co Ltd In
» Taylor Group Diecastings In
» Taylormade Castings Ltd In
» Taylors Foundry Ltd In
» Technical Instrument Casting Co In
» Teignbridge Propellers Ltd In
» Tensator Limited In
» Terril Bros (Founders) Ltd In
» The Boro Foundry Ltd In
» The Bridge Foundry Co In
» The Brockmoor Foundry Co Ltd In
» The Cubra Casting Co Ltd In
» The Stockton Castings Co Ltd In
» The Taylor Group - Ductile & Alloy Castings In
» The Taylor Group Diecastings In
» Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd In
» Thomas Brothers In
» Thomas Dudley Ltd In
» Thomas Seager Ltd In
» Thurton Foundries Ltd In
» Timsons Ltd In
» Transtec Cast Products In
» Trefoil Steel Co Ltd In
» Treforest Foundry Ltd In
» Trent Foundries Ltd In
» Trionite Founders Ltd In
» Triplex Components Group Ltd. In
» Triplex Foundry Ltd In
» Triplex Foundry Ltd ( Keighley Works) In
» Triplex Williams Ltd In
» Tritech Precision Products Ltd In
» Ulster Castings Ltd In
» United Cast Bar Ltd In
» Vanguard Foundry Ltd In
» Vaw Motorcast Ltd In
» W H Rowe & Son Ltd In
» W J Hooker In
» Wagstaff Foundries Ltd In
» Walter Frank & Sons Ltd. In
» Warman International Ltd. In
» Wearparts Ltd In
» Weir Materials & Foundries In
» Wessex Casting Techniques Ltd In
» West Alloy Diecastings Ltd In
» Westland Casting Co Ltd In
» Westley Group In
» Westley of Cardiff In
» White Eagle Foundry Ltd In
» Whitechapel Bell Foundry In
» William Cook Blackett Hutton In
» William Cook Burton Ltd In
» William Cook Cast Products Ltd In
» William Cook Catton In
» William Cook George Blair Ltd In
» William Cook Hi-Tec Integrity Ltd In
» William Cook Holbrook Precision Ltd In
» William Cook Machine Shop In
» William Cook Parkway Ltd In
» William Lee Ltd In
» William Tatham Ltd In
» WM Lee Ltd In
» Wombwell Foundry Limited In
» Zeus Aluminium Products Ltd In
» Zincast Foundry Ltd In