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State / Province / Area

Types of Metal

Aluminum Alloys
Copper Alloys
Gray iron
Ductile iron
White Iron
Compacted graphite
Malleable Iron

Brasil (702)

United Kingdom (308)

China (102)

Turkey (101)

United States of America (93)

France (89)

Sweden (88)

India (87)

Spain (72)

Czech Republic (48)

Hungary (33)

Argentina (25)

» AB Bruzaholms Bruk. In
» AB Gjuteriteknik In
» AB Holsbyverken In
» AB Landsbro Pressgjuteri In
» AB Lundbergs Pressgjuteri In
» AB M Lundgrens Gjuteri In
» AB Meplako In
» AB Mönsteras-Metall In
» AB Nya Metallgjuteriet In
» AB Solna Pressgjuteri In
» ADC of Sweden In
» Ages Metallgjuteri AB In
» Akers Sweden AB In
» Allpryl AB/Unnaryds Metallgjuteri In
» Älmhults Gjuteri AB In
» Aluminium Produktion i Kristinehamn AB In
» Ankarsrum motors AB In
» Arvika Gjuteri AB In
» Arvika Handformningsgjureti AB In
» Bemic Gjutmetaller AB In
» Bruksprodukter i Hälleforsnäs AB In
» Cedervall & Söner AB In
» Componenta Alvesta AB In
» Componenta Traryd AB In
» Daros Piston Rings AB In
» E Sabel AB In
» Ezze AB In
» F M Mattsson AB In
» Fix AB In
» Frid-Metall AB In
» Fundo AB In
» Gjutal AB In
» Gjuteribolaget i Bredaryd AB In
» Gjuteribolaget i Eskilstuna KB In
» Gnosjö Castings AB In
» Guldsmedshytte Bruks AB In
» Gustavsberg Vargarda Armatur AB In
» Hackas Precisionsgjuteri AB In
» Hastveda Gjuteri AB In
» Hellmer Die Casting AB In
» Hemefa Fabriks AB In
» Industrilas i Nässjö AB In
» ITT Flygt AB In
» Johnson Metall AB In
» Keycast Kohlswa AB In
» Keycast Ljungby AB In
» Klafreströms Stalgjuteri AB In
» Kohlswa Gjuteri AB In
» Laholm Industrier AB In
» Lättmetallverket i Roslagen AB In
» Lidköpings Gjuteri AB In
» Ljuders Nickelsilfverfabrik AB In
» Lyrestads Gjuteri AB In
» Mekinor Metall AB In
» Metallfabriken Evo AB In
» Metallfabriken Ljunghäll AB In
» Metallteknik Production AB In
» MM Tech Cast AB In
» Mölltorps Gjuteri & Mek Verkstads AB In
» Mora Armatur AB In
» Näfveqvarns Bruk AB In
» Norrhults Stalgjuteri AB In
» Norrlandsgjuteriet AB In
» Nya Elektrogjuteriet AB In
» Nyströms In
» Österby Gjuteri AB In
» Ovèco AB In
» Rani Metall AB In
» Roslagsgjuteriet AB In
» Sandvik SRP AB In
» Skeppshults Gjuteri i Smaland AB In
» SKF Mekan AB In
» Smalands Stalgjuteri AB In
» Smalands Stalgjuteri AB In
» Stilexo Industri AB In
» Storebro Handformningsgjuteri AB In
» Svensk Tryckgjutning AB In
» Tenhults Pressgjuteri AB In
» Tour & Andersson AB In
» TPC Components AB In
» VA Pressgjuteri AB In
» Valmet - Karlstad Foundry In
» Vargarda Mässings Gjuteri AB In
» Värnamo Pressgjuteri AB In
» Varnäsföretagen AB - Produktion Eskilstuna In
» Varnäsföretagen AB - Produktion Vänsta In
» Zinkteknik AB In