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Benner Cycle Has Been Making 'Accurate' Market Prophecy For Over 100 Years. Here's How It Works

It has been claimed that the Benner cycle accurately predicted the ups and downs of the market for more than 100 plus years. Is it true? Let's find out.Investors, however small or big, are always looking for the perfect asset,... Read more


2022 was a good year for the American industryAs Doug Kurkul (CEO, AFS) reports in an article for Modern Casting, the American foundry industry finished with total sales of $47 billion. Responsible for this: Intense and encouraging growth in demand... Read more


While most foundries expect a recession in 2023, steady orders and full order books lead to optimism among metalcasters.U S. casting sales saw a second strong year of growth in 2022. After a dip in sales in 2020 that brought... Read more

Foundry › Join us: Metal China 2023 is worth waiting!

Inititated in 1987, China International Foundry Expo (METAL CHINA) is the only foundry exhibition sponsored by a national industry association. It is authoritative, representative, forward-looking and industry-oriented, and is known as the vane of China’s foundry industry. After 36 years,... Read more

Foundry › European Foundry Association has new President

While in 2022 the crisis management of the European foundry industry was once again put to the test, in 2023 it is still a matter of finding strategic answers for the long-term perspective of Europe as a business location and... Read more

Aluminum › Mini Cooper SE Convertible wheels made entirely from recycled aluminum

Mini has revealed an interesting fact about its limited run Mini Cooper SE Convertible. It's the first production car with wheels made from 100% recycled aluminum. Despite sharing the same look as wheels available on the regular SE hatch, they're... Read more

Steel › US increases tariffs on steel products to 70%, effective from Apr 1

The US government imposed higher tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Russia in response to Russia's continued invasion of Ukraine, hoping to pressure Russia’s economy.The tariffs on 100 different products, including iron and steel products, copper, pig iron, and... Read more

Aluminium › U.S. Announces 200% Tariff on Russian Aluminum. A Proclamation on Adjusting Imports into USA.

1. On January 19, 2018, the Secretary of Commerce (Secretary) transmitted to the President a report on the Secretary’s investigation into the effect of imports of aluminum articles on the national security of the United States under section 232 of the... Read more

Foundry › Controlling spheroidal graphite formation with foundry alloys

Controlling spheroidal graphite formation with foundry alloysEnvironmentally-friendly ductile iron productionDuctile iron is a versatile material that has grown in popularity over recent decades, due to its excellent mechanical properties and castability. For these reasons, ductile iron castings are the preferred... Read more

Pig Iron › Active Production Resumption of Overseas Blast Furnaces May Boost Global Steel Supply

Recently, many overseas steel mills are actively resuming the production on expectations for economic recovery and stronger steel prices. According to the latest SMM survey, the average daily pig iron output of blast furnaces resuming production since January is expected... Read more


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