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The illegal digging and transportation of sand as a raw material for industry seems to be a profitable business.Did you know that sand smuggling is the third-largest mafia business in the world? As reported on the website "Observatorial", the extraction... Read more


The Turkish foundry sector, having expanded its production capacity to 5 million tons, is enhancing its production volume in high-value markets. Successfully doubling its share of total casting production in Europe from 10% to 21%, the sector is now focusing... Read more

Iron Ore › Brasil - The five largest iron ore mines in operation in Brazil

There are more than 922 iron ore mines in operation globally, of which 42 are in Brazil, according to GlobalData’s mines and projects database. The following are the five largest iron ore mines by production in Brazil in 2023, according to... Read more

Foundry › New Molding Equipment Investment Brings Significant Benefits to Manufacturer’s Brass and Aluminum Foundry

Manufacturer´s Brass and Aluminum Foundry´s (MBAF) investment in the new Sinto FBO-III 20×24 flaskless molding machine with mold handling line and Sinto Smart Foundry integration has brought about significant improvements in their operations. The integration of Industry 4.0 technologies like... Read more

Aluminum › Record Recycling Jobs and Economic Output for U.S. Aluminum as Investment Continues

New Economic Impact Report Shows Decade Highs in Some Sectors, Declines in OthersA new study by economic research firm John Dunham & Associates found that the U.S. aluminum industry directly employs more than 164,000 workers and drives $92 billion in... Read more

Steel › USA - Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces New Actions to Protect U.S. Steel and Shipbuilding Industry from China’s Unfair Practices

Call to triple the tariff rate on steel and aluminum imports from ChinaUnited States Trade Representative to investigate China’s unfair shipbuilding practicesPresident Biden knows that steel is the backbone of the American economy, and a bedrock of our national security.... Read more

Steel › Steel industry emissions are a big contributor to climate change. Can it go green?

Steelmaking, the fiery process that undergirds modern life, comes with a huge cost to the climate. Greenhouse gases gush from the burning fossil fuels that drive 1600°C blast furnaces and melt raw iron ore. Purifying the molten ore by mixing... Read more

Pig Iron › Global pig iron production fell by 5% y/y in March

In January-March, the indicator decreased by 0.8% y/yGlobal pig iron production in March 2024 fell by 5% compared to the same month in 2023 – to 118.27 million tons. The figure increased by 2.5% compared to February. This is reported... Read more

Foundry › Denmark - Iron foundry reduces natural gas consumption by 25pc using heat recovery

The Danish iron foundry, BIRN, aims to reduce its natural gas consumption by around 25 per cent by this year.The reason is the recirculation from two new heat recovery plants that utilize the excess heat from parts of BIRN’s production... Read more

Foundry › Renaissance Group Combines with Lawton

The latest expansion for Lawton Standard brings a ductile iron foundry and machining operation to the organization, which has assembled eight metalcasting plants and other capabilities since 2019.The Lawton Standard Co. has expanded its metalcasting businesses once again by incorporating... Read more


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