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Congratulations on 40 years in business.Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd, a name synonymous with pioneering advancements in chemically bonded sand equipment, proudly celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. This milestone marks four decades of relentless innovation, exceptional engineering, and a... Read more


Over the past decade, the aluminum industry has invested more than $10 billion in U.S. manufacturing to support growing demand for the metal. Over the past decade, the aluminum industry has invested more than $10 billion in U.S. manufacturing to support... Read more

Aluminum › USA - Aluminum Association Strongly Supports U.S., Mexico Efforts to Rein In Unfair Metal Trade

Alcoa Announces Agreement on Industrial-Scale Demonstration of ELYSIS™ Carbon-Free Smelting Technology.Alcoa Corporation (NYSE: AA) today announced further progress on ELYSIS technology with Rio Tinto’s plans to launch the first industrial-scale demonstration of the breakthrough technology, which eliminates all greenhouse gas... Read more

Pig Iron › Global pig iron production increased by 8.2% m/m in May

In January-May, the indicator decreased by 1.8% y/yGlobal pig iron production in May 2024 increased by 8.2% compared to the previous month – to 124 million tons. Compared to May 2023, the figure rose by 0.8%. This was reported by Ukrmetalurgprom with... Read more

Steel › How these 5 steel producers are taking action to decarbonize steel production

Steel is crucial for engineering, construction and energy transition with rising demand but produces 7% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.Achieving near-zero emissions steel by 2030 requires ambitious, innovative technologies and collaboration among steel purchasers, producers and enabling technology companies.Several... Read more

Steel › What is green steel and why does the world need more of it?

Steel manufacturing produces more CO2 than any other heavy industry, comprising around 8% of total global emissions.Efforts are under way to move steel production away from coal-fired furnaces to ones powered by electricity or hydrogen.But producing green steel is an... Read more

steel › Chinese-built steel plant in Zimbabwe fires up its furnace as it ‘builds the nation’

There are high hopes that the Mvuma steel plant in Zimbabwe, built by Chinese steel giant Tsingshan, will turn the country’s fortunes around.A new US$1.5 billion Chinese-built iron and steel plant in Zimbabwe has fired up its blast furnace as it begins... Read more

Foundry › More stable year at iron foundry

In recent years, the iron foundry ULDALL in Vejen, Denmark, has been on a growth journey with large orders and many new hires. In the latter part of 2023, production has stabilized, and with a turnover of just over EUR... Read more

Economy › How do Western sanctions on Russia impact the global metals, mining and coal markets

The geopolitical landscape for Russia, as a major supplier of various commodities, has undergone a dramatic transformation since the invasion of Ukraine. The EU, US, UK, and G7 have imposed complex sanctions aimed at weakening Russia’s economy by restricting access... Read more

foundry › New senior leadership at Wheelabrator

Surface tech veteran to head up global wheelblast businessWheelatrator part of Norican Group, has strengthened its global leadership team with the recent appointment of Magdalene Höltke (Magda) as Senior Vice President Global Wheel. Magda will, as part of a planned... Read more


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